Ready to find out what really happened?

The members of SGAR have the experience and general working knowledge to determine the causation of all different types of crashes. From Commercial Vehicle collision to bicyclist to pedestrian strikes, we can handle it.  We have a general working knowledge of any possible scenario.

With over 4000 commercial vehicle inspections we have the experience necessary to identify any mechanical or driver violations that may have contributed to the crash. We not only look into mechanical defects but also driver responsibilities to include hours of service and driver qualifications.
The members of SGAR have been deemed expert witnesses in their field. They have testified in depositions, grand juries, bench trials, jury trials, arraignments and motions.  We have testified in numerous cases involving motor vehicle crashes including commercial vehicle cases.
SGAR retains a certified nurse practitioner to refer to for any medical record questions or medically involved circumstances that may occur during or a result of a crash.
We perform data imaging from electronic control modules on both passenger cars and pickups to commercial vehicles. We do all we can to get the most information from any supported vehicle. This information can very crucial in determining factors in a crash. Some information commonly retrieved includes miles per hour, brake usage and seatbelt usage.
3D laser scanning is the latest and most impressive technology in the field of accident reconstruction. We can scan any items relative to a crash scene including vehicles. The FARO 330 scanner allows us to take precise measurements and help explain and demonstrate the variables of a crash.